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How can I get my saved game from one site to another? (or one PC to another?)

Flash games usually store your game progress ("saved game") locally, on your computer.
You have to locate the file that stores your saved game, and copy it to the folder representing the site you want to play the game on.

Find the folder where your local flash content is stored.

Depending on what operating system you use, the folder location:
On Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7:
%APPDATA%\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\
c:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\

If you use Google Chrome, look here:
%APPDATA%\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects\

On Mac OS X:
~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/#SharedObjects/

On Linux or Unix:

Make a backup copy of the whole folder. If you do something wrong (overwrite your saved game), you can always go back to the backup.

If you haven't done so yet, go to the site you want to play the game on, start the game and play until it saves your progress. This varies fromg ame to game, but it usually happens when you beat the first stage/mission/quest, or when the game naturally offers you to save the game.
This step is important because this will create the folder where you will have to copy your save file to.

Find the file of your saved progress on both the site you want to copy from, and the site you wan to copy to. For our games, the file names are:

GemCraft lost chapter: Labyrinth

giabReeelzPreferences.sol (yes, the preferences file stores how many decks you have unlocked)

GemCraft chapter 0: Gem of Eternity

GemCraft chapter 1: The Forgotten

Balloon Invasion

Saucer Arena
games/saucerarena.swf/saucerArenaSaveData.sol (the "swf" folder name might be varying by sites)

Cursed Winds
games/cursedwinds.swf/saveData.sol (the "swf" folder name might be varying by sites)

Treasure of Cutlass Reef
games/treasureofcutlassreef.swf/saveData.sol (the "swf" folder name might be varying by sites)

Copy the .sol file from the site you played on so far, to the site's folder you want to play on.

I bought the Premium Edition of GemCraft Labyrinth on Armor Games / Kongregate and I'd like to take it to the other site

Unfortunately, there’s no way to transfer your license from AG to Kong or vice versa. They are two different sites run by different companies, using different databases (in which they store the player license data), and they won’t let any other sites to manipulate their own databases. Each site tries to maintain a high level of player satisfaction, and allowing external access to their databases could cause chaos. Also, as they are not one system, the user ids on one site are not linked to the ids on the other site, so a "get your license over here" action would generate a "give me a free premium license, my user name at the other site is xyz" wave of false requests.
But this is how it goes with big games too, if you buy a game from EA's site, you won't be able to play it on Steam (so no Steam achievements), if you buy one on Steam, you won't get the EA goodies.
You can transfer your saved game however (see above) - so if you want the premium on Kong only for the Kong badges, you can get them in no time. (in fact, all Kong badges are made so that they can be achieved with the free version.)

My saved game disappeared, when I played your game the last time, it was there, now it's gone.

The data stored locally by the Flash Player is very vulnerable, it can be deleted when you clear your browser's cache, or your virus scanner does this even without you knowing it. Many privacy protection or system optimization software might remove it too.
I also heard of Flash Player anomalies (I haven't verified it, so I'm not sure) when installing a new Flash Player version can remove your saved data... anyway, the situation is bad.
In GemCraft Labyrinth I added the server-side saving feature (except on Kongregate where it was not possible), and it's possible that the save-to-text feature will return in GC2.
For now (February 2012), all the advice I can give is to try using a file undelete software, such as Recuva or WinUtilities. If the game doesn't want to save at all, try changing the storage settings of the Flash Player (right-click while in the game, then click "Settings".
If you use private browsing (or using a library/net cafe/school computer, where private browsing might be set as default), your browsing data, including flash-stored data, will not be saved, or will be lost when you close the browser.

I bought the premium edition of GemCraft Labyrinth on Kongregate, and my saved game still gets disappearing.

The Kongregate version of GCL doesn't support server-side saving, as Kongregate (as of December 2011) doesn't provide this feature for developers yet.

I don't have Flash Player installed. Where can I get it?


Can I upload my gameplay videos to YouTube (or any other video site) and earn money from ads added to these videos?

Sure, you can, thank you for spreading the word about our games with your videos!